Cloud Adoption

Are you still trying to run and manage your own email system?  Do you still host your own website?

Unless you are a hosting provider or have a large investment in data center space, this may no longer be the best investment plan. Due to the advent of the cloud, this new environment can bring greater reliability at a reduced cost to most business services. Many basic core services such as email and website hosting can be moved to the cloud safely and quickly while saving costs. Most businesses would need to invest millions in capital expenses to meet the same level of reliability and redundancy provided by a cloud environment within their own walls. Data center space is expensive, as is redundant power, internet feeds, cooling systems, monitoring, fire suppression, etc – it doesn’t make sense to make that level of financial commitment when you can start using a cloud environment for as little as a few dollars a month.

TechBlox has years of experience building new environments in the cloud as well as migrating environments from any type of infrastructure into a cloud infrastructure.

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