24 Jul 2012

Embrace the Cloud

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Cloud computing is not just a fad or a buzzword, it’s a reality.  Any business from one employee all the way to millions of employees spread across the globe can benefit from implementing cloud computing services – when implemented properly and for the correct purpose.

According to a 2012 survey by Edge Strategies and Microsoft, a major cloud provider, about 30 percent of small to midsize companies are using some cloud services, which allow part or all of businesses’ computing needs — like Web-based applications, backup services, data storage or other functions — to be hosted online rather than on in-house servers.

Cloud computing allows consumers to pay one monthly fee that covers only what they use. This can save money by avoiding expensive hardware and maintenance costs when a business grows and needs more computing power, and the technology can update itself without bringing in a tech expert.  Most small businesses can’t afford to make the investment necessary to create a similarly powered and protected environment – cloud providers invest millions if not billions of capital in their facility including redundant utilities (power, internet, HVAC, UPS, etc) not to mention the huge investment in computing infrastructure for servers, storage, management tools, staff and the knowledge to properly maintain the environment.

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